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Please join me for the book launch of my third book of poems


out now from Cirque Press!

Aug. 25, 2018, 7-9pm


5441 SE Belmont St

Portland, OR 97215

with Cirque Journal contributors

Cirque Press is an imprint of Cirque Journal: A Literary Journal for the North Pacific Rim.

More info and RSVP through Facebook


“Take Flight” by Sarah Klein


If we have forgotten that poetry is a call sent out into the world to rediscover and name our hearts, minds, and bodies, Kristin Berger’s beautiful new book of poems reminds us of poetry’s good and necessary work.  Berger’s Echolocation leads us into that work, honestly and elegantly inviting us to know our own lives and landscapes. This is a wise book that reminds us that resilience is real, is close. “Remember,” Berger tells us, “love is a breath / we are invited to take. / Wild, fond, near.”

~ Annie Lighthart, author of Lantern and Iron String

More about ECHOLOCATION, and to order your copy, click here

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